This Couple Pulled Off A Beautiful Wedding With Just Rs.20,000 And A Whole Lotta Love

When I think of wedding budgets, 20,000 isn’t the number I usually have in mind. And when I’m preparing the guest list for the said wedding, 25 isn’t the number I stop myself at. But this couple did. They wanted an ‘apni marzi ki shaadi‘ and that is exactly what they executed.

Rizwan is a photographer living in Pakistan. And when he got married, he wanted it to be a low-key affair. No-fuss, no designer lehengas, just yummy food and the people closest to him and his partner. And their Walima was just that. A party on his own terrace with dreamy fairy lights put up by his father. A 25-person affair with family and friends just celebrating the love that the couple shares. And believe it or not, their Nikkah was even simpler.

If you’re wondering how it all happened without the extravagance, here are the deets. First things first, the food!

Absolutely loving this chilled out vibe and the fact that friends and family pitched in, helped out and didn’t judge.

Outfit details of the bride and groom

The proof!

I’m not the only one feeling the love though, Rizwan’s story brought a happy smile to many faces. A lot of netizens lauded his choice and expressed a desire to do the same. Not everyone opts for a frugal, no-frills wedding but this just goes to show that it isn’t any less magical or less beautiful than any other celebration.

  1. Kaafi happy feels

2. Showing us the way

3. Also, more money left to travel. That’s always a win

4. No chaos, only good cheer

5. Simplicity is key

6. Societal pressure be damned

I’m going to be completely honest and say that I’ve spent the last 30 minutes of my Monday morning reading and re-reading this beautiful thread. This is a perfect example to prove that wedding budgets and happiness don’t have a direct relationship.

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