Assam River Catches Fire Due To Oil Pipeline Leakage, Watch Video

We all are aware of the catastrophe that a raging fire can cause. The devastating bushfires in Australia destroyed vast areas of properties, displaced thousands of people and killed half a billion animals. While the world is coming together to help the victims of the unfortunate incident, the damage caused by the ravaging fire is irreversible.

Recently, a massive fire broke out on the Burhi Dihing river in Assam due to the leakage of oil from an underground pipeline, reports Times of India. The fire started after crude oil from the Oil India Limited (OIL) pipeline started leaking in the river at Naharkatia in Dibrugarh district, nearly 450 km east of Guwahati.

Have a look at a video of the devastating fire:

The fire is now contained and there no reports of any injuries or casualties. Officials from OIL have also reached the spot to stop the leakage.

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“Fire on the river surface started after the oil spill covered it. It continued for a few hours and once the spilled oil got burnt, the fire subsided,” Padmanabh Baruah, additional superintendent of police (headquarters), Dibrugarh district was quoted saying by Hindustan Times.

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Such fires sometimes happen in the area as oil thieves drill holes in the pipelines to steal fuel illegally. However, while the fire caused minimal damage, the incident has caused serious damage to the ecosystem of the river. Experts are now measuring the level of damage caused to the ecology of the river.

This incident is a sad reminder of how man’s hunt for crude oil can adversely impact the underwater ecosystem.

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