Sonu Sood To Open Training School With Pune’s ‘Warrior Aaji’ Who Displays Lathi Skills For Survival

Social media has played an important role in helping those in need amid the lockdown. From a mother-son duo raising money to feed the needy to celebrities like Sonu Sood coming to the rescue of daily wage earners, several people are using digital platforms to assist others during these testing times. Speaking of which, actor Riteish Deshmukh recently shared a video of a ‘Warrior Aaji Maa’ who is using her martial arts skills to sustain herself amid the pandemic, reports India Today.

Sharing the elderly woman’s video on social media, Riteish asked fans to help him find her. The woman, who is reportedly from Pune, displays her skills on the streets to earn money for her family.

In fact, actor Sonu Sood also shared the elderly woman’s video and asked for her details too. He mentioned that he wishes to open a small training school so that the woman can teach people about some self-defense techniques. 

Coming to both the actor’s rescue, several people immediately provided them with her details. According to several replies they received, the elderly woman is 85-year-old and her name is Shanta Balu Pawar. In fact, people even provided the actors with bank details of the elderly woman. 

Thanks to the power of social media, Riteish was able to connect with the inspiring woman: 

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Many people applauded the powerful woman’s video: 

Kudos to the elderly woman’s strength and resilience. She is an inspiration to all!

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