Stars Will Make It A Fashion Parade, Says An Angry Rishi Kapoor On Vinod Khanna’s Prayer Meet

Yesteryears’ actor and politician Vinod Khanna’s sudden demise left a void in the Indian film industry. While condolences poured in from everywhere, it seems that it is Bollywood which was the least interested in sharing the grief as very few stars of the younger generation actually turned out at the funeral. This made Rishi Kapoor lash out in a series of tweets and now, he has opened up about his rant in an interview with Hindustan Times.

Speaking of yesterday’s Twitter outrage, Rishi Kapoor said that he was furious by the near-total absence of today’s Bollywood actors from the funeral of the veteran star.

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“I was angered, not disheartened. What does an actor work for? It’s his last journey and you can’t come to pay (your) respects to a man who has worked in over 150 films and been there for over four decades, and even has worked with you? Sad that a respected senior actor was sent away by not actually having a lot of people with him wishing him adieu.”


Mr Kapoor also said that he has noticed this pattern of stars skipping the final rites of deceased Bollywood actors earlier too.

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“I’m not naming any one person. I’m just saying that this generation — actors, filmmakers, producers — none of them came. I’ve seen this happen at Feroz Khan and Rajesh Khanna’s funeral also. It seems these actors have troubled this generation (so) that they don’t really care. I am compelled to think in this manner.”


However, Mr Kapoor believes that unlike the funeral, there will be a large attendance at Vinod Khanna’s prayer meet.

“Yeah because that’s more of a fashion parade and you want to be in the comforts of air-conditioned premises. Why were you not there for this (funeral) event?”


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Recalling his relationship with Vinod Khanna, Rishi Kapoor said that while he didn’t share any special bond with him, his heart was always full of respect for him.

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“He was my elder, my senior, my colleague, part of my fraternity and brotherhood. We are all part of one small family of actors who is contributing to the cinema and spreading the love.”

Wonder if any Bollywood star says something on this.

News Source: Hindustan Times

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