Most Indian Thing Ever: UK PM Rishi Sunak Makes Maths Mandatory For Students Till They’re 18

On Wednesday, the UK Prime Minister’s office released a very interesting notice. It seems like PM Rishi Sunak is planning to make mathematics mandatory for all students in the United Kingdom till they reach the age of 18.

According to a report by NDTV, Sunak’s decision stems from his wish to provide every child with the highest standard of education possible.


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“Every opportunity I’ve had in life began with the education I was so fortunate to receive. With the right plan – the right commitment to excellence – I see no reason why we cannot rival the best education systems in the world,” Rishi Sunak claimed.

Sunak alleged that about 8 million people in England have the same mathematical skills as primary school children and that only half the 16-19-year-olds study Math.

“One of the biggest changes in mindset we need in education today is to reimagine our approach to numeracy … In a world where data is everywhere and statistics underpin every job, our children’s jobs will require more analytical skills than ever before. And letting our children out into the world without those skills, is letting our children down,” he said.


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A post shared by Rishi Sunak (@rishisunakmp) 

As further details regarding the revision of the UK school curriculum are yet to release, Indians online are having the time of their lives because Rishi Sunak managed to make the most ‘Indian Uncle’ decision ever! It’s almost as if he too, like the stereotypical Indian uncle, is obsessed with maths and science!

Here’s how people online reacted:

What else can we expect from someone who has his roots in India? 😛

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