UK PM Rishi Sunak Says ‘Britain Knows What It Means To Fight For Freedom’, Twitter Confused

When Rishi Sunak became the first Indian-origin Prime Minister of the United Kindom, people pointed out the fact that the country that once ruled India is now led by a person who has his roots in India.


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After occupying the highest seat in the UK, Sunak recently made a visit to war-torn Ukraine and assured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy of Britain’s support in these tough times.

Taking to social media, Sunak posted a video of his visit and meeting with Zelenskyy. Captioning the video, Sunak wrote, “Britain knows what it means to fight for freedom. We are with you all the way.”

As soon as he posted this, people online went berserk. They immediately started turning the pages of their history books to look for the time when Britain was taken over by another country and it fought for freedom.

And since all their efforts went down the drain, people roasted UK’s PM for his statement that they thought was pretty ironic.

Many reminded him of British Colonization in India and said that’s what’s called fighting for freedom.

Someone tried to justify his statement.

Any historian here to back what Sunak here said? Because people online are convinced that the only way Britain knows what it means to fight for freedom is when other countries fought for their freedom from Britain.

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