Rishi Kapoor Tweeted PoK Belongs To Pak And People Are Telling Him To Stop Drinking!

There have been numerous times when Rishi Kapoor has not refrained from expressing his unfiltered views on his favourite social media platform aka Twitter. He does not hesitate to share his unpopular opinion on the platform and inevitably has gotten trolled multiple times by users.

However, this time Rishi Kapoor has shared his stance on something which is considered to be very controversial with regards to the politics in the country. One thing which receives a lot of backlash on the internet is when you address the issue of Jammu and Kashmir and Pakistan occupied Kashmir.

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Sadly, Chintuji didn’t get the memo and tweeted to Farooq Abdullah saying ‘Pakistan occupied Kashmir’ belongs to Pakistan and expressing his desire to visit Pakistan.

What followed next was inevitable as the keyboard warriors of Twitter united to school Rishi Kapoor for his views. Not only that, they also told him to lay off the alcohol and not tweet when he’s intoxicated.

1. Whoa!

2. Mocking him

3. Insinuating he’s drunk!

4. Dragging his son Ranbir

5. Uh-oh!

6. There’s no end to this!

7. Bas karo!

8. Weekend vomit…

9. OUCH!

10. Aadat se majboor?

11. Schooling him…

This is not the first time Rishi Kapoor has irked Twitterati to no end and received immense backlash for his views. A sensitive topic such as this has to be handled with a lot of tact and unfortunately it was not Rishiji‘s day.

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