Rishabh Pant Gets Babysitting Job Offers From Rohit Sharma & Tim Paine’s Wife Bonnie

Lately, the ace cricketer, Rishab Pant is in the news for more than a stellar performance during the Aussie Test series. What is called ‘the babysitting episode’ began as a witty banter between Australian captain Paine and Pant. Soon, Paine’s wife Bonnie shared a picture of Pant with her and the kids calling him the ‘best babysitter’.

The matter has now escalated adorably with Rohit Sharma’s latest quip. Sharma is a newly minted dad to daughter Samaira. He sought the wicket-keeper’s help for babysitting duties in a tweet to Rishab Pant that read-

“Morning buddy. Heard your a good baby sitter, need one right now. Ritika will be quite happy 😃 @RishabPant777.”

Here’s the original tweet-

Quite the sport, Rishab promptly responded by quizzing whether Yuzvendra Chahal was inept at the task. He also congratulated Sharma and said he’d be happy to babysit Samaira in this tweet-

Seems like the babysitter jokes aren’t ending anytime soon for Pant. Paine’s wife Bonnie just posted yet another picture with her kid pondering whether Rishab was free to babysit. Take a look at the snap that read-

“Trying to unpack with needy baby. Wonder if Rishabh Pant is free for a babysitting gig today.”

Remember Vin Diesel in ‘The Pacifier’? Bet you never thought there’d be a babysitter more badass than Vin. Well, guess what folks- our very own Rishab Pant is the real deal! Here he is dancing to the chants babysitter style!

What a way to take in your stride. Way to go Pant!