Rishab Pant Plays An Exemplary Game Even After Father’s Death And Twitter Is Full Of Praise

Rishab Pant is nothing short of an icon. On Saturday, the youngster played one of the most brilliant cricketing innings I had ever witnessed. While the Delhi Daredevils still ended up losing the match, Rishab won the hearts of millions. The cricketer’s father died in his sleep earlier during the week. He rushed to his hometown to perform the last rites and within two days, got back on the field and delivered a spectacular performance.

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Despite losing the match, Rishab was a winner in the hearts of millions and received tremendous praise on Twitter:

1. Well deserved.


2. Facing such a tragedy at such a tender age. Much respect.


3. I completely agree.


4. A compliment of the highest order.


5. Take a bow, Rishab. 


6. That’s true dedication to the game.


7. Not an easy thing to do. Not at all.



8. Braveheart may just be an understatement.


9. A son has made his father extremely proud.


10. Apt prediction. 



11. A true champion indeed.


12. Perhaps? 

It’s not easy to accomplish what Rishab Pant has. Delivering an exemplary performance after enduring an unimaginable tragedy like the loss of a parent. Take a bow, Rishab Pant. You’ve made a permanent place for yourself in the hearts of millions.

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