An Adventurous Road-Trip Of Two Unlikely Characters, This Brand New Web Series ‘Rise’ Looks Promising!

You don’t lose a fight because you fall. You lose a fight because you refuse to rise.

Everyone dreams, but only a few are able to fulfil theirs. So wait, does that mean these few are doing something that all other dreamers aren’t? They are indeed. The roadmap to your dreams and passions is not without obstacles and a few trick paths. There will be delays; there will be halts. And sometimes, you will feel lost and want to just give it all up. But what you decide to do, in that moment right there, is what will make all the difference.

From Ultra Shorts, who brought you Half Ticket and Born Free comes yet another inspiring story that will speak volumes to every dreamer—Rise.

Shrey, a simple IT professional, has two dreams— to own his dream bike and to undertake a road trip on it. But just when he finally manages to fulfil his first dream, he hits a huge roadblock. He has almost decided to turn around and walk away from his dreams but his father convinces him otherwise. And that’s when it begins, a journey that will change his life forever!

But guess what? He won’t be riding solo on this one. Instead, he bumps into a 55-year-old movie buff, who loves to talk and has a unique way of looking at life! With the gregarious and overzealous Sharmaji riding pillion with a dejected, somewhat lost Shrey, can a fun adventure be far behind?

Remember how they say, “Fall down seven times. Get up eight.”? With a stellar cast that includes Vikrant Massey, Atul Srivastava, Shishir Sharma, and Kumar Varun, ‘Rise’ is all about getting up once again in pursuit of your passions, even though you’ve had a fall. A story that you, me and every dreamer will find close to their hearts.

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