Instead Of Bride & Groom, The Rings Make A Grand Entry At This Indian Wedding

It’s not just a recent trend. Brides and grooms in India have been making grand entrances for decades and it is a sight to behold. And I’m not talking about grooms riding horses and brides dancing. Nowadays, couples land at the wedding venue via helicopters and what not!

Amidst such trends, one Indian wedding stood out to be different. Instead of the bride and groom, the wedding rings made a grand entry, reported India Today. Here’s how.

In a video that was shared by paparazzi Viral Bhayani, we see that inside a wedding venue, half the guests are seated on chairs and half on the ground. They are divided into two sides in such a way that there’s enough space to walk in between them. The bride and the groom are on the stage and treading the aisle comes a huge rotating ring. The model looks like a simple gold ring with a pearl on top.

When the ring reaches the stage, the bride and groom open the pearl inside which were kept the wedding rings for the ceremony. Have a look at the video here:


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As fancy as the rotating ring was, people online couldn’t really grasp the need for such an elaborate setting. Many suggested that instead of spending money on the huge ring, the families could have just used the money to arrange for more chairs for those sitting on the ground.

Were you impressed by the ring’s grand entry?

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