People Online Debate If Men Have The ‘Choice’ To Not Take Responsibility Of A Child

We have been hearing hair-raising stories of women being sexually assaulted, harassed, being subjected to violence and bias be it at home, workplace, or even in public. But it’s not just women who go through all this and more.

Men have also opened up about instances where they faced sexism and were called gold-diggers. And since people can share their unpopular opinions on Reddit to understand the views of others, this user posed another important question:

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Backing the question, the user said that since women have the right to choose if they want a baby or not, men should also be given the right to choose if they want to take the child’s responsibility or not.

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After reading the post, people shared their judgments on the situation. A lot of people, including women stood by the posed query.

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However, they also added that the man should not have any kind of rights over the kid if he decides to not take equal responsibility as the mother.

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Some backed it with proper reasons.

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It was a straight ‘No’ for a handful.

Those are some really strong opinions. What do you have to say on this?

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