Women Online Share Ridiculous Expectations Their Partners Had From Them

When it comes to relationships, everything seems magical until unrealistic expectations from either side come knocking at your door. This is something that is possibly more explicit in arranged marriage settings, but when it comes to regular romantic relationships, the red flags can be more covert and sneak up on you when you least expect it.

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A Redditor opened up a discussion where women listed down things their partners expected from them that were highly unreasonable.

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And several women harked back to their previous relationships to recall such unrealistic demands from their partners:

1. Money matters.

2. Wanting attention regardless of your own well-being

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3. Expecting to put up with both mental and physical abuse.

4. Umm bizarre fantasies?

5. Typical man-child behavior

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6. Pressuring you to change your appearance.

7. Not dividing responsibilities equally

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8. Not meeting you halfway through major life decisions

9. And finally, this one takes the prize for being the worst expectation ever.

Have you ever faced any of these ridiculous expectations? What more would you like to add to this list? Tell us.

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