Richa Chadha Gives A Sensible Message To ‘Over-Enthu’ Fans Who Chased Her On Bikes

A downside to being a celebrity or a public figure is that you are constantly under the scrutiny of the public eye and the media. The paparazzi follow you wherever you go and your life is quite literally an open book for anyone and everyone to skim through, judge and comment their opinions.

As appealing as it is to be famous and loved, it has its cons too. One of the many cons is being chased by strangers. In layman terms, you call them “stalkers”; in celebrity term, you call them “fans”.

Recently, actress Richa Chadha faced a harrowing incident of a couple of fans on bikes chasing her during the promotions of a movie.

The Punjabi Kudi that she is, she expressed her dismay about the incident in few, but sensible words. Her message was loud and clear in a single tweet.

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Several people replied to her tweet suggesting what she should or could do.

1. This one who thinks it is her ‘responsibility’ to knock some sense into them.

2. This one who thinks such behaviour is justified.

3. At least this suggestion makes sense…

4. We all agree to this on some level.

The brave actress earlier voiced strong opinions on the widespread issue of women’s sexual assault and harassment in an elaborate blog post. So it comes as no surprise that she continues to voice her opinions on other issues as well.

This is most definitely not the first time a celebrity has faced such circumstances. Both online and offline, they receive a lot of stalkers and sometimes the experience can leave daunting memories. Sunny Leone’s cyberstalking incident earlier, for example, made her fear for her life.

Celebrity or not, nobody should have to be afraid of stalkers or be chased by fans on the street in the name of “love”.

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