It’s None Of Your Business: Richa Chadha Opens Up About Linkup Rumours With Ali Fazal

Bollywood actress Richa Chadha belongs to the category of feisty women who voice their opinion when the time comes calling. No, I am not making the mistake of compartmentalising Richa, but just wish to emphasise that her commitment towards her craft comes spearing through her body of work, both on and off the camera.

But, and this is just the way the showbiz works, the papers and its readers seem to be more interested in an actor’s personal life rather than professional.

And Richa Chadha’s life is no exception. The actress was recently in the news, painted in love with her co-star, Ali Fazal and the buzz is still on. While we are not here to discuss the credibility, the hullabaloo around it is concerning. 


Now, in an interview to Hindustan Times, Richa Chadha has finally opened up about all the buzz and it couldn’t make more sense. She said,

“It’s none of anyone’s business who I’m dating or not, but then I think that if Hollywood won’t leave Jennifer Aniston alone at this stage, asking when she wants to have children, then I don’t have a chance.

You have to put up with some really crazed out people.”

The rumour mills went off after she accompanied Ali Fazal for the Venice Film Festival.


What is the craze you ask? Apparently, it includes ‘Love Jihad’ too. Richa told Indian express

“People are writing shit on my social media accounts like love jihad and all that nonsense, so I find it really humorous. We are not Barack Obama (former US President) or Michelle Obama to make our relationship public. We are just two humble actors. So, I don’t think anyone cares about it.”


Talking about how she and Ali reacted to the entire media scrutiny, Richa laid things point blank. 

“We were laughing [and thinking] that what has happened to people?”


But she sure understands the circus better now…

“Honestly, I don’t like to make a big deal about it. The thing is that it’s such a personal choice and I now understand why people like to keep things under wraps, because (others) write whatever they feel like.
I never thought anyone would care. We’re so easygoing and laid back; we’re not from the film industry; we don’t strategise and plan or send hints to the press or give tip-offs that we’ll eat here and take our picture.”


Say what you may but gotta give it to her on this one! Case well made, Richa.

P.S- All the paps out there, cut them some slack, will ya?

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