Richa Chadha Apologizes For Joking About Someone Being ‘Bipolar’ In Old Tweet

Every now and then, we make several casual remarks to our friends or family members that might label us as sexist, shadiest or complete morons. However, we often never realise that we are sounding tone-deaf and that our jokes might negatively impact someone’s emotions.

But it’s only when we are on the other side of the fence that we realise how uncool and pathetic it sounds. And like many of us, Bollywood star Richa Chadha also made a statement back in 2018 which she regrets now, reports Times Of India.

Taking to social media, the ‘Masaan’ actor apologised for making a joke about someone being ‘bipolar’.

Here’s what she wrote in her old tweet:

People online accepted her apology and pardoned her for her past mistakes. Here’s how they reacted.

Well, it would be impossible to believe if someone said they never hurt anyone. Everyone, intentionally or unintentionally, tends to make mistakes that might hurt the emotional sentiments of others. But realising our mistakes and apologising for them makes us a bigger person, right? Kudos to you, Richa.

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