Rich Guy Angry On Parents For Giving Him ₹74 Lakhs & A Comfortable Life, Gets Schooled

The internet is a great place to put your privilege in check. For example, when Ananya Pandey exclaimed that she had struggled a lot or when one girl recently bought a Mercedes and said she had “struggled in a taxi”, people online came forward to give them a reality check.

One such incident happened a few days ago on Twitter. One guy took to the micro-blogging site to narrate how he resented his parents as they gave him 100,000 USD (74 lakhs INR approx) for his birthday, paid for his expensive college education, and basically made his life easy.

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He said that if he ran out of money, his parents would provide him with more because they love him.

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He added that his money was basically his parents’ money, which he earns by not ‘pissing’ them off.

He revealed that he never knew what “money problems” were, because he never had any.

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Lastly, he said that besides giving him money, his parents never made him do chores and made sure he lived an extremely sheltered life – something he was mad about as it wasn’t “good” for him.

People online, who had seen real struggle, came forward and schooled him. Some said that he could have invested the money, searched for a job, help someone else in need, or at least be thankful that his parents did so much for him when millions of other people are drowning in debt and poverty.

What do you think of the guy’s rant? Tell us.

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