Earning ₹4 Lakh A Year, This Disabled Jharkhand Beggar Has 3 Wives And Side Businesses


While commuting to work or in general, we all have seen a hand reaching out to us, asking for either money or for food, appealing to our humanities. And, often we reach for our pockets and drop a coin or a note in their hands. There are millions of beggars in our country, who believe it or not, beg their livelihood so that they can have two meagre meals a day.

But, then there are professional beggars who are probably richer that you and I. Like, this Jharkhand beggar who has a yearly income of around ₹4 lakh.

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Umm, yeah.

Meet the 40-year-old disabled from waist below beggar, Chhotu Baraik, who hails from Jharkhand and earns ₹30,000 per month by begging.

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And, where would you find him? At Chakradharpur railway station and in all trains there, of course.

While begging might be his full-time thing, he is also a distributor of Vestige (a company that sells health and personal care products through their network of distributors) and sells memberships and products to people.

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Yep! That’s his ID card.

But, that’s not it. According to a Daily Bhaskar report, he also has a utensil shop in Bandi village of Simdega district which is run by one of his three wives (who live in Potka village).

He earns enough every month from begging and his shop to lead a comfortable life. He even provides fixed monthly payouts to all three wives he admits having.

He was disabled since childhood and has been trying to make ends meet each day, and seen poverty very closely. But after he started begging, over the course of time his daily earnings began touching ₹1,000-₹1,200. Add the earnings from Vestige to it and the earnings of the shop, Baraik says his yearly income touches four lakhs.

Well, are some of you doing the math and feeling bad about your CTC? Hola, amigo, you’ll find me right behind ya!

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