Here’s The Real Truth Behind Sonam Kapoor’s Sister Rhea Kapoor’s Nude Swimsuit Pic On Instagram

When Sonam Kapoor’s sister, Rhea Kapoor posted quite a spellbinding picture under #takemeanywhere, the internet went head over heels over the image and couldn’t stop singing praises of Rhea Kapoor.

Now, a lot of us were convinced that Rhea Kapoor truly has an adventurous bone and knows how to unwind like an angel. Here’s the picture she posted.

MOOD #takemeanywhere

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Here’s the thing guys, the internet tried to sell you a concocted a story of its own seeing the Instagram post of Rhea Kapoor, thinking the naked young woman, submerged under water, enjoying the sun passing through the surface of the sea and kissing her bare body is the Rhea herself.


Until we came to know that the picture is actually a STOCK IMAGE.

Don’t be fooled, guys and don’t trust anything the internet tries to feed you. Here’s the original image and it’s definitely not Rhea.

Image source

Yeah, that’s freakin’ Getty image.

Moreover, Rhea never claimed the pic to be hers, it’s just the people and media.

Never believe anything on the internet on face value. However, you can trust us, we’ll tell you the truth! 😉