Retired Army Dog Receives Royal Treatment, Travels AC 1st Class On Train To Meerut

When we think of the Indian Army, we inevitably think of our brave soldiers. But there’s a section of the army that deserves our undivided attention, and that’s the army dogs. These doggos play a crucial role in every operation, starting from detecting explosives to tracking enemies.

These highly trained dogs serve with dedication and bravery. When they retire, usually after about 8 to 10 years of service, they are often adopted by their handlers or other military personnel. This helps ensure they receive the love and care they deserve after their hard work. Special homes and NGOs also sometimes provide for their post-retirement care.

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Army Tracker Dog Meru from the 22 Army Dog Unit has embarked on his final journey to retirement. He boarded a train to Meerut, where he will spend his golden years at the Dogs Retirement Home at the Remount and Veterinary Corps (RVC) Center.

Travelling in style, Meru is riding in AC First Class, thanks to a recent decision by the Ministry of Defence that allows retiring service dogs to travel in this class with their handlers.

People online showered their best wishes on Meru and wished him a happy retirement in wonderfully supportive messages. Have a look:

This journey marks the beginning of a well-deserved, comfortable retirement for Meru, the ‘goodest’ boy!

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