A Brother Visits His Sister At School, To Make A Sacrifice 1.3 Million People Make Everyday In India

1.3 million.
1,325,450 to be precise.
That’s the total count of active personnel in the Indian Armed Forces.

For you and I, 26th January might be nothing more than just a part of an extended weekend. But when the President unfurls the tricolor early tomorrow, there will be brave soldiers at the event, at the borders, at the training camps, at places where they serve, feeling a sense of pride running through their veins: a sense of protecting the dignity of a constitutional democracy.

While sacrificing every other relationship by keeping the relationship with our motherland on priority.

Shortfilmwala‘s short story named Raabta, shows a heartbreaking yet beautiful story of a soldier who visits his small sister between classes.

Raabta – connection/ relation/ a special bond.

Happy Republic Day.