News Reporter Uses Spit To Style His Hair On Live TV, Video Makes Everyone Cringe Globally

Everyone has their own quirks and while you’re welcome to indulge in innumerable icky habits when no one’s looking; doing it on camera is a cringe-worthy way to steal the limelight. Nose-digging and scratching a crotch-itch may catapult you to the ‘Grossness Hall of Fame’. In fact, something very similar happened to NBC news reporter, Matt Bradley.

The US war correspondent was about to voice his report on hostilities in Syria when he was caught on camera styling his hair with spit! The ‘eww moment’ is now viral on video as netizens cringe on a global scale.

It all began when an MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi introduced Bradley who was stationed in Syria. While the camera cut to Bradley he was unaware of the fact and engrossed in slicking back his hair.

Here’s the viral video-

The video shows Bradley opt for the most easily accessible hair product his ‘saliva’. You can see him spit multiple times as he gathers the spit to smoothen his locks.

People watching the video can cringe even more when he is heard checking with his cameraman if the hair is set well. That’s when Velshi opted to end the icky visual and you can hear him utter-

“Alright, we’ve got, we do not have Matt. We will come back to him when we get him,” said Velshi.

However, people tuning in had a hard time trying to unsee the gross clip. The video soon went viral and garnered a host of reactions-

Uhh.. sadly, no it isn’t.

Sure, it’s his mutant super-power. *eyes-roll*


However, fellow reporters did stand up for Bradley as he was reporting from a risky site at the currently decentralized Syria.

Well, now that you’ve had your Monday’s dose of ickiness. It’s time for a poll. Spit as the latest organic hair gel- yay or nay?