‘We Don’t Want Pahaadi Girls’ TV Actress Renee Dhyani Speaks Of Groupism In The Industry


Individuals in every industry face their share of struggles before getting success. In fact, in recent times, several Bollywood celebrities have publicly spoken about facing rejection based on their color, weight, or even because of nepotism that exists within the entertainment world.

Speaking of which, actor Renee Dhyani, who started off as a reality show contestant before becoming a TV actor, opened about groupism and favoritism that are rampant in the television industry. Admitting it is not only something that happens in Bollywood, the actor said it wasn’t easy for her as she had no connections in the industry.

Renee was quoted saying by HT

“I have faced this. What happened is, there was a time when people told me ‘Oh my God, pahaadi looking ladkiyaan nahi chahiye. If they are from Nepal or Manipur, we don’t have work for her’. They distinguished me in a manner, I felt are they giving work on the basis of just looks, or giving work looking at my work? It was hard for me in the beginning, and I never shared it with anyone because I thought this is how the industry works. It’s not really nepotism, but it hurts.”

The 29-year-old added,

“When you audition, your tape goes to the production and channel, who decide the cast. I would know that I am getting the job, but then I didn’t get a call once for two-three days. They said ‘iss look mein nahi challenge, face broad hai, language thoda aisa hai, tomboyish look hai’. I told them you should have given me a character brief.” 

Renee, who has been a part of shows such as ‘Yeh Teri Galiyan’, said she felt that such misleading things were an attempt to make her conscious about her looks. But she never gave in and always believed in herself. She said, “I am not going to question myself, standing in front of the mirror, ‘why am I like this’. You chose me to come for an audition, and now you are giving me this sh*t.”

However, the actor feels artists also have emotions and when they can’t take such malpractices, they resort to the wrongdoings. She concluded saying, “Agar koi artists ki nerve ko chhed de, voh insaan yahi karta hai jo chal raha hai aaj kal. So many actors committed suicide. Then people post Instagram stories ‘you were so good’. You should have then given them work when they required it! Atleast a chance to prove themselves.”

Everybody on this planet deserves a chance to prove their talent and worth. Don’t you think so? Tell us.

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