2017 Screwed Us Over But Internet Tried To Look At The Bright Side. Sorry, We Are F*cked!

It is December already so we can finally start having our annual existential crisis thinking about how the year could end so soon when we did not start eating healthy, did not get that dream body, did not get our life together… you get the gist.

Only 31 days until we make ‘New Year New Me’, only to break them the next day because we have realistic expectations. Anyway, I’ll stop raining on your parade because 2017 wasn’t all that bad and we did learn some things when we were rolling through the punches and Twitter agrees!

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As the year draws to a close, people started tweeting #2017WasTheYearThatIFinally and shared the little as well as big achievements in their life along with a small dose of hilarity.

1. To those ‘New Year New Me’ resolutions, I say…

2. Story. Of. My. Entire. Life.

3. Amen to that!

4. Plants are living beings too okay.

5. Only the taste matters…that turned out dirtier than I thought.

6. You and me both…

7. This is beautiful.

8. Yaaaasss!!!


9. My relationship with food is very sensitive.

10. See you after hibernation!

11. You’re getting pretty good at it…

12. Some motivation for you…

13. Aren’t zombies just undead humans?… I’m confused now.

14. Adulting is fun?

15. That one was right in the feels…

16. You go, girl!

17. Well… not all love stories have a happy ending…

18. Take it one day at a time.

19. That cat is me, TBH!

20. Grammar Nazis, where you at?

21. Perhaps Dobby took it, now that he’s free and all. #sorrynotsorry

What do you remember when you look back at 2017? Let us know!

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