10 Ways Hansa & Praful From Khichdi Teach You The Secrets Of A Perfect Love-Life


Hansa And Praful’s Jodi is simply perfect. Though they were shown stupid, none of us failed to notice the pure love and innocence hidden behind their stupidity. Every couple out there should learn what love should be like from Hansa and Praful.

Here are some relationship lessons we all must learn from this cute couple.

1. Have patience. Just the way Praful always had for Hansa while explaining her meanings of certain words

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Delicacy Hansa… Delhi kaisi city hai?


2. No matter how long you’ve been together, never let the excitement for each other fade out

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Remember how Hansa always enthusiastically dressed up for every occasion so Praful could compliment her?


3. Never hold back your inhibitions from one another. Just be yourself without shying away

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Hansa and Praful’s pair is definitely the best example.


4. There should be no judging involved in your relationship. It is important to go past that stage to love and accept each other completely

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Praful and Hansa both did a lot of stupid things confidently.


5. It is not important to live and date by the society standards, if your love is true, then that is all that matters

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Hansa and Praful never cared about the world, all they knew was that they would never hurt each other.


6. They are together in everything. It is important to know that once you’re in a relationship, all the consequences you face in any situation, has to be done together

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There is always “us”, never an I or me in a relationship.


7. If one is upset with the other, it is important to go to any level to convince them for good. You can’t and shan’t go to bed angry

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Remember how Praful would convince Hansa just the way she’d expect from him?


8. Hansa and Praful stood by each other always. So should you. In good times and bad

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That comfort level where you can just be yourself and be sure that they will love you for being you is the best one can ever ask for.


9. Humor is important in every relation. It keeps the smile intact and strengthens your bond

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No matter how lame the jokes are, your partner will always find them funny. 😉


10. Don’t feel insulted if babu ji calls you Gadha in front of your S.O. Take it lightly and continue with what you’re doing

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If your comfort level with your partner is as good as Praful and Hansa, then no insult will make you feel ashamed in front of each other.

Don’t take things so seriously in life. It is one short life, crack jokes, love unconditionally, and enjoy to the core.

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