25 Epic Comics That Perfectly Show Small Problems NO ONE Talks About But Everyone Faces

Aim: Applying a perfectly sleek eyeliner

Apparatus: One eyeliner and hundreds of tissue (even more, in case you plan for a winged one!)

Procedure: The same that you tried today, yesterday, and every other day.

Precautions: Make sure your hand is rock steady (A freehand drawing can be done later)

Observations: After a perfect sleek liner on the first eye, the adventurous experimenter forgot about the density of the liner in the second eye and ended up having it 2 mm thick. As a result, the proportion of the first liner was increased too and after 5 such rounds, the experimenter ended up having big dark dramatic eyes

Result: The eyelids are no longer visible!

Relatable right? Such difficult is living a woman’s life! From having a bad hair day to walking in those sky high heels, everything is a battle!

Moga Comics by Meg Quin exactly aims to depict this! The comics have the humour to tone down the serious sarcasm, but all in all, it talks about self-love, compassion, and acceptance.

Check these super relatable comics!

1. It takes exactly 0.5 seconds to transform from the party guest to the party slayer!


2. Why only blame the liner?


3. The a.m v/s p.m conflict!


4. Always a cat person!


5. We love people who love us, right?


6. Rain > Bae!


7. Because, why let the world know?


8. But he’s your best friend yaaaaaa…!


9. And I thought, I was the only one!


10. *major relationship goals*


11. Been a ‘storm’ person always!


12. Oh! Why not an ‘ice tea?’


13. How else do I show off on Insta?


14. Why me?


15. And they say being an adult is easy!


16. The story of my life!


17. Even the bee’s got more swag!


18. Ohh, umm, I didn’t say that!


19. Challenge accepted!


20. Which one are you?


21. It’s okay! All of us do!


22. Love yourself, beautiful!


23. The original love test!


24. How about the let’s-go-to-sleep asana?


25. The reason why I am still single!

Weren’t all of those really relatable? ┬áMake sure, the next time you feel low, just go through these. You, me, and all of us are fighting the same battle every day. So chill!

h/t: Boredpanda