12 Quotes By Rekha That Prove Her Timeless Beauty Isn’t Just Skin Deep

Rekha has made her mark in the industry but also in everyone’s heart. The scandalous rumors, the heartbreak, her passion, her independence, every single tidbit has lead to Rekha gaining more and more respect from her audience.

If you want to pick yourself up and live a well rounded life, here’s some direct advice from the trooper herself!

1. When she nailed the perfect woman’s description.

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2.  When even someone as beautiful as her faced shaming.

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3. She knew it was the experience that counted.

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4. And rubbished all the rumors, because she is all natural.

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5. She never aimed to be something she wasn’t.

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6. She didn’t need a conventional lifestyle to keep her happy.

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7. She earned her way to the top and never gave up.

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8. Even she feels something we’ve all experienced.

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9. She accepted herself in all her entirety.

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10. She taught us how to live in the moment.

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11. She doesn’t need a soul-searching trip, she does it everyday.

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12. And most of all, she’ll inspire you to come out strong, no matter how bad the situation is.

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She has inspired many a young women to follow their hearts and I believe if I want to learn something from her, I want to learn resilience.

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