#RejectZomato Trends Online After Customer Care Blames Tamil Customer For Not Knowing Hindi

While there’s no better way to satiate your hunger pangs than quickly ordering in some grub, missing items in your order can feel like a bummer. A man based in Tamil Nadu recently experienced this and reached out to Zomato’s customer care service to rectify the matter.

Vikash asked the customer care executive to contact the restaurant and initiate a refund. However, the executive countered that he failed to do so despite repeated attempts due to a “language barrier”.

However, IE reports that when Vikash maintained that the language barrier wasn’t his concern, the executive allegedly said, “For your kind information Hindi is our national language. So it is very common that everybody should know Hindi little bit.”

Vikash also said, “If Zomato is available in Tamil Nadu, they should have hired the people who understand the language.” He complained, “Customer care says the amount can’t be refunded as I didn’t know Hindi. Also takes the lesson that being an Indian I should know Hindi. Tagged me a liar as he didn’t know Tamil.”

His exchange soon went viral online and the app apologised to Vikash for the executive’s conduct and reported that they’ve terminated the agent for his “negligence towards our diverse culture”.

However, the company’s CEO and founder Deepinder Goyal later reinstated the employee and tweeted that “this alone is not something she should have been fired for.”

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This incident sparked a debate amid people online where some backed Vikash, while others believed that he had been wronged by the food delivery service. Many debated whether Hindi was the national language or the official language among many others. Take a look-

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