Forget Bro-Codes, Women Share Valuable Girl-Codes That Every Woman Should Follow

Every friendship has a set of unsaid rules that one is expected not to violate. And like the ‘Bro Code’ men keep boasting about, there are some universal etiquettes that women also follow aka ‘Girl Code’.

Recently, a Reddit user asked her girl pals about these unsaid rules that every female must and have been following regardless of the fact that they know the other girl or not.

What do you think is number one in the “girl-code”? from AskWomen

From ‘fixing a girl’s crown’ to ‘buying her an ice cream post a breakup’, there was, a treasure full of these heartwarming codes that tell a lot about the sisterly relationship women share.

Here are some of the crucial ones we handpicked for you:

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Above all codes and unsaid rules, humanity and brotherhood/sisterhood is what make the world a better place. Do you have some secret, unstated but crucial codes in your group?

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