Reddit India Helped Odisha MP Send A Letter To The TRAI, Supporting Net Neutrality

Odisha MP Tathagata Satpathy has sent a letter to the TRAI chairman Rahul Khullar, supporting net neutrality.

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In his letter to the TRAI chairmain, he mentioned several points that were relevant arguments.

1) First and foremost, he thanked the thousands of young men and women using Reddit India, an online community who, in retrospect, represent the many other youngsters of the country who are demanding net neutrality. He said that they had worked hard in helping him come up with a letter fit as a response to the TRAI.

2) He brought out the point that the United Nations had called the restriction of internet usage a human rights violation in 2011. He also mentioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who had said that he would love to watch India flourish in the digital space by encouraging youngsters to get creative on the internet. The TRAI’s decision would go against the desires of the PM, and also against people who wish to see India as a modern nation.

3) He pointed out the advantages of the internet and how it has changed the face of communication today, and he also argued about how this is not an ‘elitist’ problem.

4) Lastly, he mentioned that the IT laws we are currently abiding by are highly outdated, and that needs to change in order for us to use the internet more efficiently, and eventually become the largest internet user base in the world.

Below is the copy of the letter that was sent to the chairman of TRAI:

[cjtoolbox name=’Dissent Letter’ ] [/cjtoolbox]


Satpathy, who won the hearts of several internet users after being open and candid about his life (especially his experience with the use of marijuana during his younger days) on a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) conducted by him a few weeks ago, impressed his fans yet again by supporting the cause of wanting net neutrality.

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An AMA is a platform for Reddit users to ask any question to the person conducting it. This AMA was considered a good idea by the users because this was the first time a politician was ready to talk personally to people, answering their questions first hand.

Thank you, Mr. Satpathy, for proving to be the voice of the coming generations. Kudos!

News Source: Huffington Post

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