Women Reveal Things Their Ex Did Which Seemed Normal But Actually Weren’t

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘hindsight is always 20/20’. When we’re looking back at a situation, we have a better understanding of what happened, what could have been done differently and why things went the way they did. The case is the same with our past relationships. Sometimes, we notice patterns and red flags much later and realize that the things we accepted as normal were actually quite problematic.

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Women of Reddit are now sharing things their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends did that they initially considered cute but realize now that they weren’t. And the underlying issues they’re highlighting have nothing to do with gender and might as well be experienced by men.

What did your ex said or did, that you thought was cute/normal when you were together, but now you think it wasn’t? from AskWomen

1. Not completing their own work/chores

2. Crossing boundaries

3. Not splitting expenses equally

4. Unthoughtful gifts

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5. Being passive-aggressive

6. Manipulative or controlling behaviour

The important thing here is to forgive ourselves for not noticing such things from the start and remember to look out for them in the future. That’s how we’ll learn and grow, don’t you think?

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