From Frodo To Cruella De Vil, Woman Dresses Up As Iconic Film Characters, See Pics


All over the world, people are either in self-isolation or government-mandated quarantine (it is day 6 of India’s 21-day lockdown) owing to the global coronavirus pandemic. And many people are putting their creative caps on and utilizing this extra free time in interesting ways.

For instance, a Mexican man sent his chihuahua to get Cheetos from the store across the street, a woman called up her exes to ask what went wrong and a new father built a safety pod for his baby to protect him from COVID-19.

Twitter user Chloe Joanna Sophie and her photographer friend Harriet Clare have teamed up to create a #CovidCloset photo series where they recreate iconic film characters and share pictures online. Doesn’t Chloe look like a dead ringer for Johnny Depp from Pirates of the Caribbean in this cosplay?


Here are some of their other recreations including singer-songwriter Sir Elton John, Mary Poppins, Edward Scissorhands, Frodo Baggins from The Lord of the Rings, Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, Mr. Bean and Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmations. Take a look.


People are loving their videos and urging them to try the classic art recreation challenge next.

What you you been up to during quarantine? Tell us.

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