13 Reasons Why You Should Travel More Often

To travel is to live, they say. Traveling not only teaches us the value of life, but also makes us learners and observers. It compels us to think about everything that is right and wrong with this world. Not to mention, it shows us just how beautiful this world can be, when you think there’s just no hope.

Here are the reasons why you should travel more often.

1. It’s not all about work, work, and work

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We all start getting comfortable in the bubbles we create for ourselves as we start building our lives, and in the process, we often forget that there is so much more than a busy life in the city-there are majestic, beautiful places in this world that we can see and and enjoy being in. Traveling can change the mindset of having to live a life in a bubble, when you can go out and live every day to the fullest.


2. The world is not an intimidating place

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When you travel around, especially in places where the culture is different from where you reside, you’ll realize that people are not only nice- most of them are extremely hospitable. So, when you travel, make sure to stay with a local instead of a hotel to get the best experience of the place you are traveling to.


3. Working out of your comfort zone is rewarding

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This one’s for when you travel alone. Though it may seem scary, traveling alone can be a liberating experience. When you’re alone in a new place, you tend to ask for directions, use maps/GPS, and talk to strangers, some of whom might even become friends. This makes you realize that if you want to reach a destination, you may have to get out of your comfort zone, but the results are rewarding.


4. Every place has a story, and that is how it has come to be the way it has

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Learning about the history of a place and how it came to be gets more fascinating as you travel.


5. There is so much food in the world

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No travel is complete without having tasted the local cuisine. Traveling to different places and tasting the food the people there eat is fun, and it lets you know just how different people enjoy different food.


6. Life is easier without a little baggage

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Most of the times, we tend to over pack and take things with us that we end up not using at all. Traveling extensively teaches you how to carry things that matter to you, and nothing else that might be a little ‘extra’. And that applies to life too. 🙂


7. It gives you purpose

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Travel once, be fascinated. Travel more, and you know just why you want to visit a place, and it gives you a lot more to remember when you do.


8. You learn how to communicate better and be more social

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Trying to find your way in a crowd filled with strangers teaches you how to communicate with people, and also teaches you how to rely on people when you need help sometimes.


9. It helps you develop new hobbies

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Who knows, maybe the beauty of a place is so breathtaking that you want to capture it in the best way possible? That’s how skills like photography, writing, and even food and fashion based hobbies can be developed. 🙂


10. It makes you more open minded

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Exposure to different cultures gives you a better perspective, and makes you question things that your culture entails, and if there are some things you need to change.


11. You get more street smart

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The more you travel, the more you learn to negotiate and pick the option that suits you best.


12. And develop a sense of independence and freedom

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We often feel like we’re bound to all the things around us- a job, money, society. In reality, we’re the ones keeping ourselves tied down to these things. Traveling opens our eyes to many possibilities, and teaches us that we can get up and leave if something bogs us down, and that nothing can control us if we don’t let it.


13. Finally, it’s important to make memories, because it is memories that make life more meaningful

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Pictures, videos, and good company…there is nothing else that reminds us of the good times we had traveling to a place away from home.

So, go on and make some memories. Pack your bags and take that trip you’ve been stalling for so long. The world can wait.

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