15 Reasons Why You Should Feel Glad About Your Breakup

Breakups can make you feel shitty, suddenly your world comes down crashing and you feel weak in your knees, and your heart! But hey! all you have to do is give things time and come out strong. Soon some amazing things will happen that will make you feel glad about your breakup. Want to know what are those awesome things? Read on…

1. Constant nagging is finally over

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Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing there? It’s gone.


2. The liberty to check out anyone and everyone along with your friends

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You don’t have to think 100 times before looking at a person you find attractive. Showing 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock will be fun again.


3. No need to watch films that don’t match your taste

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Thank God! Finally you have your say in watching films that you like.


4. A lot of money is saved

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Phone bills have gone down + lunch/dinner dates are gone = A lot of MONEY.


5. Make friends with anyone

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Whatever the gender doesn’t matter. Go right ahead and make more friends.


6. No need to lie anymore

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You don’t have to lie to your partner to go out with friends or lie to your family to go out with your partner. it’s a win win.


7. Time for yourself

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Now you can read as much as you want, watch films, TV shows, listen to music or learn something new. You have all the time in the world.


8. Spend more time with your family and friends

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All the complaints of you constantly being busy are gone. Family and friends are happy, that makes you happy. Happiness everywhere.


9. Take spontaneous and random trips

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No one will stop you and say things like – don’t go, why this sudden trip? It is not safe so, don’t go etc..


10. Change cities and countries without a second thought

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No one’s gonna hold you back. You are the master of your life and you have the liberty to do what you want to do.


11. Feel at peace

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Constant fights are gone. Constant efforts of making your relationship work is gone. You finally are at peace.


12. Finally you have the time to think for yourself and make your decisions

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All these days it was all about your family, friends and the person you were dating. Now finally you have time to think for yourself. What you like and what you deserve will be valued more.


13. You realize your ability of being independent

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You were sort of dependent on that person, but not anymore. Now you can make your own choices and own them.


14. Love yourself

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A breakup only gets you out strong and you start to love yourself better. Cuz at the end it is of utmost importance to love yourself.


15. Overcome the phase of feeling lonely

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You’re no more afraid of feeling lonely. You come out so strong that you like your own company and you simply never feel left out.

Good ol’ days are back, feel glad that the breakup happened. There is someone amazing waiting for you. Until that person shows up enjoy your singlehood and go crazy!

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