Realme India CEO Tweets About Realme Upgrade Using iPhone, Twitter Reacts With Memes

It’s quite an embarrassing moment for a brand ambassador to get caught using other brands of the same category. Like how Samsung’s ex-brand ambassador in Russia,Β Ksenia Sobchak, was caught using an iPhone on a television show. But imagine the CEO of a company doing the same, what an awkward moment that would be. And that’s exactly what has happened recently!

According to a report by TOI, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth was “caught” using an iPhone on Twitter. After he recently posted a tweet about a new update for Realme 3 and 3i, people on the internet were able to catch a glimpse of ‘Twitter for iPhone’ at the bottom of the tweet!

Even though the tweet has been deleted, sources managed to take a screenshot of it. Have a look:

Image source

Even though the tweet was posted from Madhav Sheth’s official Twitter account, we aren’t sure if this was tweeted by the CEO himself. That’s because, social media handles of top officials are handled by their managers. But if this tweet was at all posted by the CEO, then that’s quite the bummer.

However, another report by Zee Business went on to reveal that the CEO was allegedly testing “renowned flagship phones” over the past few days. Madhav Sheth took to Twitter just a few hours after the ‘iPhone tweet’ incident and posted a picture of himself with 3 other phones he’d been testing, which more or less seems like a clarification.

And people on the internet didn’t hold back from making jokes and meme-ing about the incident!

Whatever be the clarification, Mr Sheth is definitely going into the list of names who have made similar blunders!