This Powerful Video About Women On Beauty And Fashion Is Breaking One Myth At A Time

In a world full of self-acclaimed fashionistas, beauty somewhere is living a dubious life. Masked in insecurities, wrapped in photoshopped perfections, fashion and beauty don’t co-exist anymore. And we have only ourselves to blame.

Only if we were a little more accepting about our flaws. Only if we were a little more appreciative of ourselves. Only, if we weren’t blinded by the world’s dictatorial standards of beauty! Only then maybe, we can hear our own voices.

All About You from Deepika Padukone, in its latest video, is reckoning one such collective voice that is vital and vivacious. Featuring regular women in one-of-kind narrative, the video vouches beauty that is not marred by imperfections but enhanced.


Real-life beauties in All About You outfits, wearing emotions on their sleeves, explain their idea of beauty and fashion and it is everything we need to hear.


Up-close and personal, their account is bound to make you feel wonderful in your own skin and embrace yourself for who you truly are, after all, it is #AllAboutTheRealMe.


yes, even those will-of-their-own, beautiful curls that play when you do.


The ad also shatters myths and age-old stereotypes about beauty that know nothing but fair skin. 


“When I accept myself and love myself, that’s when I’m most beautiful.”

So ladies, don’t let beauty products tell you otherwise. You are beautiful, inside and out. 🙂

This story is brought to you in association with All About You