Woman Shares How Stalking Incidents Glorified In Bollywood Films Turn To Horror In Real Life

Even though time and again we’ve seen Bollywood glorify incessant stalking by labeling it as “love”, the reality is far from the truth. In today’s digital age, women need to sternly put their foot down when it comes to online stalking. After all, stalking might lead to sexual harassment if not handled tactfully.

Speaking of which, a twitter user recently shared her horrifying experience of cyberstalking on social media. The woman explained how she filed a complaint against a man who not only stalked all her social media platforms but also found out her personal information like her address and mobile number.

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She revealed how the person kept harassing her despite the fact that she blocked him. 

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Speaking from her personal experience, the woman shared how we might feel thrilled by looking at stalkers in movies but such incidences are creepy and disgusting in real life. 

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Many people agreed with her and applauded her for firmly taking action against her stalker. 

No means no. It’s essential that we take action against such people so that they don’t dare to harass other women. What do you think of this incident? Tell us.

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