People Share What Their Jobs Are Actually Like As Opposed To How They’re Shown On TV & In Movies


Almost all the TV shows and movies have their own ‘Wait, what?” moment! Be it ACP Pradyuman asking, “Darwaza todo, Daya” (and he actually breaking it to catch the criminal right inside) or army man Hrithik Roshan exchanging blows with antagonists in an aircraft with its door wide open ‘mid-air’ in action film ‘War’ or maybe a doctor saying “Ye kisi chamatkar se kam nahi hai” after bringing a person to life back from dead in almost every Ekta Kapoor daily soap, the job of doctors, lawyers, CID officers is clearly far from reality in the these fictional shows.

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And we all know this really well!

So, someone on Reddit asked people to share how these movies and TV shows portray different professions inaccurately and the post flooded with hilarious reactions. Have a look at some of them:

1. Remember ‘Mulk’ or ‘Jolly LLB 2’?

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2. Also that impossible, yet dramatic parachute landing every aircraft scene is followed by!

3. Sansanikhez Khulasa!

4. And every murder, robbery, bomb blast, is followed by ‘DNA test’


5. Horror films, anyone?

6. Every hacking scene EVER!

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7. SRK in Happy New Year!



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8. Tony Stark attended every class bunked by every engineering student from every branch during his college!


9. My childhood was a lie! “Over and out”

10. Don’t tell me! Hotels are meant to create dramas!

11. Every mental asylum in Bollywood ever!

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11. With a super easy code to crack!

12. “Ye apni yaadasht kho chuke hai”

13. I thought, the umbrella always came with ‘out of league and pocket’ expensive cocktails!

14. I call my geologist friend, “Patthar Dil”

15. Lemme burst the bubble now!

So, have movies and TV shows misinterpreted your profession on the screen and you felt like screaming “NOOOOO” at the top of your voice? Do share it with us!

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