Desis Share Stories Of How Their Families Reach The Railway Station Hours Before Time

‘Indian’ is not just a nationality. It is a way of life. If you think about it, there are certain things that are synonymous with being an Indian. For example, whenever the electricity goes off, we first check if the lights are still on in the neighbouring houses. You should always have a glass of cold drinks with a plate of biryani. And, reach any destination way too early so as to not get late.

And one such destination is the railway station, where you’ll find families waiting for their trains hours beforehand. Sometimes 1 hour, sometimes 2 hours, and sometimes even 3. It doesn’t make any sense, but again, it does! 😛


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And people online have been sharing stories of their families reaching the railway station hours before the required time. Have a look:

Does your family do this too? I’m sure they do!

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