The New ₹200 Note Is Out And The Internet Is Drawing Hilarious Colour Comparisons!

After demonetisation struck us Indians, there was a currency overhaul and people were basically valuing money more so than ever. The feel of the new ₹500 and ₹2000 notes has still not sunk with us, but we have a new currency note to flaunt. Ladies, gentlemen and them, please welcome the latest ₹200 note.

Wondering how it looks like? Umm, not like this fake one, at least.

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RBI just revealed how the new note looks like and we must say, it’s a bit orange-y.


It reminds me of one of the old ₹20 note, colour-wise. Or an oranger version of the, now demomentised, ₹1000 note.

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But naturally, Twitter has a lot to say about it. And, we are all ears.

1. True hain baat!


2. Chhalawaa! 😛


3. We wish!


4. Oh, yeah. *deep thoughts*


5. Umm, maybe ₹50 would be of that colour. But ain’t that greenish?


6. That’s rude.


7. This guy’s liking it.


8. Makes a lot of sense.


9. And, they are dragging ‘Pappu’ too.


10. At least, someone is excited.


11. Well, well, well!


12. More denomination, more confusion.


13. Seems like it.


14. My humble contribution.

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