Raymond Finally Unveils The Reason Behind The Blackout And It’s An Intriguing Tale With A Twist

The colour black is the absorption of all colours of the visible spectrum which come together to form something very resolute. But in reality, it is probably the only colour that gives birth to hues when reduced in ratio. If you ask me, black is poetry in vision that wraps one in its mystique. If you do not believe me, well…I’m glad I have something that will just do the trick.

Remember when we told you about the blackout at Raymond? Well, as it turns out, a balladry was in the making, a poetic ode to the colour black. A tugging tale that captures its essence like nothing ever did before…


“In black, I see things you don’t.”

A solitary experience, the video delves deep into everything that black is and everything it can be.


“That says your presence needn’t rush, to make itself felt.”

While I can go on about how unapologetically creative it is, there is a twist in the tale that guarantees goosebumps…

But before the big reveal, why don’t you watch the lyrical and intriguing video for yourself…

That’s right.

If you’ve missed it, the video is the mind of Jugpreet Bajwa, a visually impaired Indo-Canadian singer and writer whose words weave a fabric, a completely different perspective of the colour black.


“I see restlessNESS, I see calm
I see a lot of things.

and it all begins with black.”

Jugpreet, who is a classical and folk singer in several languages, has won many National and International Awards and it’s his brevity that binds everything to the soul.

The entire narrative created by him and Raymond does so much to challenge the notion that black is unidimensional/ boxed-up and showcases the black fabric for what it is- deep, raw and surprising! It also convinces us of the fact that black is the colour of all beginnings. It doesn’t signal an end. It gives birth to a start…

Never thought about it that way right? You’re not the only one my friend.