Raveena Tandon Says She Had To Clean Studio Floors & Wipe Off Vomit Before Her Big Break

Going from her movie graph and the commendable performances Raveena Tandon has been giving over decades now, one would think she aimed and worked hard to become an actor. But little do we know that she never thought she could be a shining star. In fact, she was encouraged to get into this career.

During the inception of her career, the ‘Patthar Ke Phool’ actor interned at an ad filmmaker’s studio. She then stepped into modeling and years later, she was awarded the ‘Filmfare Award for New Face of the Year’ for her debut movie in 1991.

Despite being the daughter of a film director, she had to toil through the dark lanes and do menial jobs like cleaning floors before making it to the top. Talking of her early days in the industry, the ‘KGF 2’ actor divulged:

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“I did start from cleaning the studio floors to wiping off vomit from the stalls floors and studio floors and stuff, and I did assist Prahlad Kakkar I think straight out of 10th Standard,” Hindustan Times quoted her saying.

“Even at that time they used to say what are you doing behind the screen, you have to be in front of the screen, that is what’s meant for you and I would be like ‘no no, me, an actress? Never.’ So I am in this industry actually by default, never grew up thinking that I am going to be an actor.”

Raveena went back in time and recalled her interning days with ad filmmaker Prahlad Kakkar.

“Everytime when a model would not turn up on Prahlad’s set, he used to say ‘call Raveena,’ he would ask me to do my makeup and start posing. So I thought if I have to do it why should I do it for Prahlad again and again for free, why not make some pocket money out of it, and that’s exactly the thought which started the modeling. Then I kept getting film offers and I had no acting training, no dancing training, no dialogue delivery training. I think I just evolved and learnt along the way.”

Evidently, all her hard work paid off and here she is, 3 decades later, blowing our minds with her power-packed performances. She sure has a lot of acting left in her.

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