Raveena Tandon Slams Blind Items, Says An Actor’s Sister Tried To Commit Suicide Due To It

In the past, there have been people from the Hindi film industry who have raised their voices against the innumerable blind items that have been written about actors and celebrities. For example, Kangana Ranaut had slammed journalists who wrote such condemnable blind items against the late Sushant Singh Rajput.

Similarly, Raveena Tandon, in an interview, spoke about how things have changed in the industry in terms of how entertainment journalists operate. She said that earlier an actor didn’t have control over the fake news that was published against them but today, they can call it out on social media, reported Hindustan Times.

Talking about how earlier, actors used to be at the “mercy of editors”, Raveena said:

“There has been a very positive change because in those days, honestly, you were body-shamed, you were personally attacked and rumours were spread without knowing the truth. Today, you have social media platforms where you can instantly put out the truth along with proof. But in those days, you were completely at the mercy of the editors, who had printed a crap story and once the headlines hit, they hit and your mental health be damned.”

She went on to share a story about the sister of an actor (name unmentioned) who tried to commit suicide after a despicable blind item was published about her.

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“I remember a veteran actress whose sister actually tried to commit suicide because they wrote a story of her trying to seduce her own sister’s husband which was complete crap!”

Raveena Tandon further claimed that if anyone were to write such a piece about her, she would sue them.

“She was in my gym and I remember that she ended up in the hospital because of an OD (overdose) of sleeping pills because of that story. If I could go back and read some of the atrocious shit that was written about me, I would want to sue the pants off these people.”

While the entertainment industry is all glitz and glamour on the outside, we hardly know about the struggle and filth that celebrities have to battle every day.

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