Raveena Tandon Speaks Up Against Papon For Kissing A Minor Girl, Says He Should Be Arrested

Unless you have been living under a rock you would be aware of the eye of the storm that singer Papon found himself yesterday, when a Facebook Live video of him kissing a minor girl during Holi celebrations went viral. The video sent shockwaves across the country as people could not believe what they had witnessed from the singer who crooned so many beautiful songs.

According to reports, Papon’s lawyer defended him saying that the gesture was one of “fatherly affection” and was just love between a mentor and a mentee. Papon also released a Twitter statement saying that his gesture has been misconstrued.

While many in his fan communities gave him the benefit of the doubt and defended him but the people who were angered by this are not small in number either. Among them was actress Raveena Tandon who took to Twitter to express her disgust.


And she’s not alone, people who have the platform of a huge number of followers also kept no holds barred when condemning the singer’s actions.

1. Whoa!

2. Saying it like it is.

3. Gauahar Khan is not one to keep quiet.

4. Is he?

5. Being silent is not okay.

6. Would you?

7. An FIR has been registered though.

The Internet has divided into two factions as of now, with half the people demanding Papon’s arrest and the other half defending him. The father of the child has also spoken up about it and said that he has done nothing wrong. What do you think of this? Was Papon innocent? Let us know.

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