The Inspiring Story Of Ratan Tata’s Revenge From Ford After Being Humiliated By Them

Ratan Tata is one of those business tycoons who doesn’t have haters. That’s why he isn’t worried about arriving at events in a Tata Nano that too, without bodyguards.


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However, sometimes, things can also go South with such blessed visionaries. Back in 1998, Tata Motors under the abled leadership of Ratan Tata launched Tata Indica. But due to its poor performance in the market, they decided to sell it to American giant Ford. But Ratan Tata’s meeting with the then chairman of Ford, Bill Ford wasn’t pleasant.

But years later, Ratan Tata took sweet revenge – the story of which was recently recounted by Vendant Birla. Taking to Twitter, he shared:

Going ahead with the story, he wrote that it was a humiliating experience for Ratan Tata on meeting with Bill Ford to cut a deal.

Ford said that they will be doing him a favor if at all they bought the car unit. But they didn’t arrive at a deal.

But nine years later when Ford went bankrupt, it was Tata who bought Jaguar and Landrover which lead Ford to exclaim that Tata did them a favor by buying JLR. Revenge is a dish best served cold!

He also turned it into one of the most profitable industries with his hard work, determination, and resilience and became the strongest leader ever.

Not that’s how legends do it.

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