Mumbai Woman Uses Ratan Tata’s Number On Her BMW, E-Challans Get Sent To The Industrialist


Nowadays, when people violate traffic rules, they directly get sent an e-challan. But when Ratan Tata received 3 of them recently, he was perplexed because he never even visited the area in question.

India Today reports that when his office contacted the cops, they discovered that a woman named Gitanjalli Samrr Shah, a director of a customs house agent and freight forwarding company, Narendra Forwarders Private Limited, was using a fake number plate which was the same as the industrialist.

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Moneycontrol quoted a police officer saying,

“Ratan Tata was getting fined for traffic violations which he had never committed. Recently, for a traffic violation in Worli, an e-challan was sent to Ratan Tata. Tata’s car had not gone to that particular area where the traffic rules violation happened. After being informed by Tata’s office about the wrong challan, we started following that car which had violated traffic rules and found that the car had the same number as Ratan Tata’s car.”

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News18 reports that the woman’s BMW has been seized and a case filed against her. However, she claims that she was unaware that the number was being used by anyone else as it was her numerologist who suggested the particular number “get profit in life”.

Well, in this case, she doesn’t stand to gain anything as she might face an arrest for fraud.

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