A Rat Stole Diamond Earring From Jewellery Store, Shop Owner Believes Lord Ganesh Sent Him!

Stories of drunk rats are legendary, be it in Bihar or NYC. But it seems the rodents of Patna have found a new way to seek thrills when they set their sights on diamonds. A rat committed a jewel heist and it’s all been captured on camera!

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The rodent got away with diamond earrings from Navratan Jewellers and Brothers. Dhiraj Kumar, owner of the store on Boring Road in Patna spoke of the incident to Telegraph India

“We opened our shop on the Mahashivratri Day (March 4) and noticed that the jewellery was missing from one of our counters. At first we suspected the hand of one of our employees and asked everybody, but they denied,” explained Kumar.

The man then proceeded to check the CCTV footage in the hopes of nailing the culprit. However, he was in for quite a shock!

“At around 10:56pm a rat came on the counter where diamond tops were kept in a yellow envelope, picked it up in his mouth and ran away. It went inside the false ceiling of our shop. We couldn’t believe it and kept reviewing the footage again and again. But then that’s the truth,” Dhiraj revealed.

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After a peek at the video, the staff did all they could to try and locate the earrings. They even searched the false ceiling as well as the AC ducts. However, there was no sign of the jewellery. Dhiraj now deems it a Mahashivratri miracle and thinks the rat took the diamonds to Goddess Parvati.

“The loss isn’t much as the cost of the tops was around Rs 23,000, but the incident is strange and happened around Mahashivratri. Rat is considered the vehicle of Lord Ganesha, and I now believe that the ornaments were recalled by him as a gift to his mother Goddess Parvati on her wedding anniversary,” Dhiraj added.

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There’s been no formal complaint to the police in this case. Meanwhile, hoards of people curious about the thieving rat have been lining up at his jewellery store!

So..freak incident or divine intervention. You decide!

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