Video: Someone Made ‘Rasgulla Chaat’ By Adding Red Chutney, Masala & Dahi To The Sweet

Bengalis tend to be very chilled out people…until somebody messes with our food. Bhaat is meant to be served piping hot, maach is supposed to be fried till it’s reddish and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, and roshogolla is supposed to be simple – a small white ball of happiness dipped in a sugary syrup of fulfilment.

However, somebody in this world decided to torment Bengalis and every other roshogolla lover in the world by making an abomination called Rasgulla Chaat. A video of the hideous incident has gone viral. Have a look:

The very sight of tangy red chutney, masala, and dahi being added to the roshogollas is giving me a headache. And several people online felt the same. Here’s how some responded:

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Whoever invented this dish, janta aapko maaf nahi karegi.

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