Parents Discover Their 18-YO Son Is A Rapist, Get Him Arrested & Jailed

Parenting is a tough nut to crack and involves taking many hard decisions for the sake of children. South Wales-based Jonathan Evans and his wife went a step further when they found out their 18-year-old son Jack Evans had committed a crime and made sure he was punished for the same.

According to The Sun, they found out he had raped a female student after reading his apology text to the victim two months later. The victim hadn’t filed a complaint but they took him to the cops and made him confess to his crime.

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Mail Online quoted his father saying,

“I wanted him to tell the truth, he had to do the right thing and admit his guilt. It’s been difficult for all of us and it’s caused quite a few arguments. I’ve said to him that the best thing for him is to show everyone that you’re doing your best to rectify what has happened. It has been a shock to the system for him – I’m hoping being in prison will give him time to reflect.”

The victim’s statement has now been taken and the rapist sentenced to two years of imprisonment by the court. Kudos to the parents for doing the right thing, no matter how painful.

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