‘Peak Bengaluru’: Man Comes Across Rapido Rider Who Used To Work In The Same Building As His

We have already told you earlier that Bengaluru me kuch bhi ho sakta. And this incident is another reminder to never mistreat people in the city, even your Rapido rider because you never know, he might end up being your colleague or maybe your boss!

Taking to Twitter, one Parag Jain shared an incident, rather a peak Bengaluru moment.

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Parag booked a Rapido rider to pick him up at WeWork. The duo then started on their journey to Parag’s destination and during their ride, the guy asked him, “On which floor are you working?”

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Parag was courteous enough to introduce himself before responding to his question. He then enquired the rider if he has been to the co-working space. To this, the bike rider named Vignesh Nagabusanam replied that he used to work in the same building two years back.

Intrigued by this revelation, Parag dug deep only to know that Vignesh used to work in the operations team of a Chinese company but due to the banning of Chinese Applications, he lost his job in March 2020.

Then Covid happened and the passionate filmmaker couldn’t get any job. Instead, Vignesh exhausted all his savings to come up with a mini-series for which he won around 15 Film Fests.

Despite that, the project couldn’t fetch any money and he was left with nothing. After being broke for the last 2 years, Vignesh finally thought of riding Rapido to make ends meet.

After sharing this heartbreaking story of the rider, Parag, like a good samaritan plugged Vignesh’s CV and the link to his mini-series in the hope to help the aspiring director with some assignments.

On reading his plight, Twitter came together to help and encourage Vignesh.

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So many people, so many stories. Just glad that there’s Twitter that’s making these stories and voices heard. We hope Vignesh gets the help he needs.

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